General Orthopedic

At Raines Physical Therapy, we provide comprehensive orthopedic services to help patients recover from injuries or manage chronic conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. This includes the evaluation of a patient’s condition, the development of individualized treatment plans, and the implementation of evidence-based interventions such as manual therapy, exercise therapy, and modalities. The goal of general orthopedic services is to reduce pain, improve mobility, and enhance functional abilities, leading to an improved quality of life.

Manual therapy is applied to a total knee patient to facilitate an increase in knee flexion and extension.  Measurements are applied pre and post-treatment

TRX – We have 2 TRX suspension trainers in the clinic to help patients learn to squat, lunge or even push up again. 

Resistance Training – We use an assortment of bands ranging from light to heavy for resistance training.