The loss of physical fitness and function as a result of disuse or inactivity is a common problem for individuals who have been immobilized due to injury, surgery, or illness and can lead to muscle weakness, decreased endurance, and reduced range of motion.  We use a variety of techniques to help individuals reverse the effects of deconditioning and regain their strength, mobility, and functional abilities.

This therapy may involve various techniques such as exercise, manual therapy, modalities, and assistive devices, to help the individual regain strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Manual therapy is applied to a total knee patient to facilitate an increase in knee flexion and extension.  Measurements are applied pre and post-treatment

TRX – We have 2 TRX suspension trainers in the clinic to help patients learn to squat, lunge or even push up again. 

Balance Bar – Here a patient steps up on a 12 inch box.  While most steps are 6-8 inches, we want our patients to be ready for any challenge life throws at them

Parallel Bars – Parallel bars provide our patients with just enough safety to practice those every day balance issues people run into in their lives.  One on one treatment is typically indicated for our neurological and balance patients.

Balance Exercise – Whether a patient needs to Learn to balance while carrying heavy items or relearn how to step around objects, we provide as many day-to-day challenges a patient may encounter in their lives as our treatment process. 

There are plenty of ways to work core and trunk stability.  Not just sit-ups and planks.