Sports Medicine & Rehab

Our physical therapists work with individuals of all ages and abilities, including athletes, to help them recover from injury, improve function, and enhance performance. We use a combination of manual therapy, exercise, and modalities to help athletes recover from sports-related injuries and return to their sport as safely and quickly as possible. In the area of golf performance, therapists use specific techniques to help golfers improve their swing, reduce pain, and enhance performance. For those with sports injuries, individualized rehabilitation programs help them recover from their injuries and prevent future problems. Physical therapy can play a critical role in helping individuals achieve their goals, whether it’s getting back in the game, improving performance, or just improving their overall quality of life.

Thoracic Mobility –  Thoracic mobility is key for many of life’s daily activities and sports.  

Sport Bird dogs are easy exercises that help with a variety of issues.  Simple and effective and can be done at home as part of any home exercise program.